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We maintain and convey the historical heritage of the Swiss Car and Elevator Manufacturing Ltd. Schlieren. The museum's collection includes an estimated 600 exhibits from the company's history. The core tasks of the association include the operation of the museum, the maintenance and indexing of the company archive as well as the maintenance of operational historical vehicles and equipment from the production.  more>


The Museum of the Swiss Wagons and Elevators Factory in Schlieren provides insights into the company's operating history. The museum's collection includes an estimated 600 objects from the fields of rail vehicle and elevator construction and other branches of manufacture.

Historical heritage

The collection of the Museum comprises an estimated 600 exhibits as well as 12,000 documents and archives from the company's operating history. Since 2020 parts of the archive of Wagenfabrik Geissberger & Cie. stored in the archive.

Wagon rental

The purpose of Club Bm 22-70 is to maintain and operate rail vehicles of historical interest, primarily SBB Schlieren-type passenger cars for national and international traffic. These can be rented for extra trips.


Wagons und Aufzüge Schlieren
Wagistrasse 15
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